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Linen Sizes

Posted on 07/07/2014 in FAQs

Linen Sizes

As full-service caterers, we not only work in the kitchen but we also design venue spaces. We can offer clients a wide variety of rentals from tables, chairs, arbors, china and every type of linen you could imagine!


One of our most FAQs is "What size linens should I order?" Thank you for asking! We want your wedding or event to look just as phenomenal as you do and in order to do so we always suggest proper linen sizes for your tables. So here is a little direction to help you plan your next event:

36” Round - 96” Floor

48” Round - 108” Floor

60” Round - 120” Floor / 108” Lap

72” Round - 132” Floor / 120” Lap

6’ Banquet - 90”x132” / 72”x120” Lap

8’ Banquet - 90”x156” / 72”x120” Lap

Serpentine – 90”x132”


If using cocktail tables, floor length linens would be 120” but if you are tying the linen with a sash, we would recommend using 132” linen so the base of the table does not show. It is always nice to add a little extra to your tables too! We offer a variety of overlays and additional styles to "fluff” on the food tables. As always, brides are always encouraged to use their own style and add in additional décor. Feel free to send us photos or bring in swatches to your meeting and we will find a color and style that work best with your event!

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