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How to Make a Seating Chart

Posted on 04/09/2015 in FAQs

Place Cards

Seating charts are great, not only will they ensure that your guests know who they will be seated with but they also make certain that each guest does have a seat. If you do not create a seating chart, you are taking a gamble that your guests will know to sit in every chair and not leave a chair empty at every other table. We hear from brides that this is a daunting task and one they would prefer not to worry with. However, we believe that the positives outweigh the stress of assembling the chart and cards.

Here are some helpful tips that we hope will assist you in the planning process.


Tips for Seating Charts

·         Place Seating Chart in accessible location such as a table going into or leaving cocktail hour.

·         DIY Charts: Handwritten on chalkboard, mirror, or window pane; On cards displayed on a table, in a tray, on shutters, hanging from a tree, tied to mason jars, tied to favors, etc.

·         Organize place cards in alphabetical order vs. table number, simply for the reason it is much easier to find yourself by your name then by a table number you do not know to begin with.

·         Double-up on place cardsif your guests are to sit in a specific seat. For example, if this is a seated dinner, have a place card already at their seat so when they arrive at the table there is no question for the guest or the server.


Tips for Table Layouts

·         Allow 60” between tablesto allow enough room for not only the chairs to scoot out but also for the wait staff/guests to walk between them.

·         If the table says it seats 8-10 guests, that means 8 would sit comfortably and 10 would squeeze in.

·         Guests giving toasts should be at a table close to the front or with easy access to the mic.

·         Don’t forget, it is okay to ask for help from your family and his family on which guests to place together – and more importantly – who not to seat together.


This is an abbreviated version of seating charts and placements but we hope it helps you in your planning process. Most importantly, do what works best for you and your style, and, of course, feel free to run it by your planner or caterer. :)

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