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Should I provide my own alcohol?

Posted on 07/01/2014 in FAQs

In our June 2014 blog entry we talked about DIY and really how much you should do for your own wedding… So here is Part 2:

Should I provide my own alcohol?

As Full-Service Caterers, we do have ABC Permits and allow our clients to provide their own alcohol. If contracted, we can provide proper staffing to bartend and serve. If a client choses to provide their own alcohol, it becomes their responsibility to set the bar up as far as icing the beer/wine, storing extra ice,  bar equipment, purchasing the mixers and ice for drinks, renting or purchasing glasses, and the fun part - determining the correct amount needed of each type of beer, wine, liquor, mixers, ice, etc.

So how do you know how much to buy or order of each item? Well, you could go down your guest list and guess how many glasses of wine Aunt June will drink and how many Whiskey Sour’s Grandpa Joe will have – but then how much does Dad’s co-worker drink – do they drink at all? It can truly be a guessing game, and if you guess wrong, some of your guests could walk away a bit unhappy.

In order to alleviate any additional stress, headache, or confusion, we have come up with a few services for 50+ client provided bars including a Full Bar Setup and Icing Beer & Wine. The Full Bar Setup includes all mixers and bar equipment for only $3.00 per person. We can also ice your beer & wine for just $1.00 per person.

By adding on one of our beverage packages to your catering menu, you are also adding our experience. We are able to calculate how much alcohol, mixers, beer, wine, etc. is needed and we have the capability to even bring a little extra. Our staff will setup the entire bar, ice the beverages, cut the lemons & limes, and have the knowledge of all the fun signature drinks. Our menus include: Beer & Wine, Mid-Tier Bar, Top-Tier Bar, and add-ons of Champagne Toast, Signature Drinks, and Martini Bar.


As Full-Service Caterers, we want our clients to have the best experience possible during the planning process and the actual event. As professionals in this industry, we are experienced with ordering, handling, storing, and setting up of bars for large and small events. We leave it up to our clients to determine which route is best for them but we just urge you to be confident in your decision. Cheers!

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