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Friends doing Vendor Jobs...

Posted on 04/09/2015 in Weddings

The average cost of a wedding in the United States is now at a whopping $25,200! Depending on the size of the wedding and the taste of the clients, this average can be high or low. We all have friends that are super talented, and some may even offer their services for the wedding. So what do you do when this happens?

It is very tempting to say yes knowing that by having a friend gift their time and service for your wedding will save you a lot of money. In most circumstances though, we would advise declining their offer in order to save you a headache closer or even the day-of the wedding.

For example, your best friend’s boyfriend has just started photography as a hobby and is really good at what he does. By saying yes, you are taking a chance that he will continue this hobby, that they will still be together the day-of the wedding, and that he will not enjoy cocktail hour with cocktails instead of snapping photos.

More often than others, we hear of clients that just want music played off of an ipod speaker to save money on DJ services. Please remember that a DJ does more than just hit the shuffle button on their playlist. They take time before the wedding to strategically plan out your event down to the exact minute of songs and announcements. Can the person that you are having control the ipod also emcee and make announcements in a professional manner?

We have found that there are too many "what ifs” with having friends do vendor jobs. What if your friend gets sick, what if your friendship is on the rocks, what if they have too many cocktails during cocktail hour, what if they are in the wedding, etc. If you are concerned with your budget, sit down and write it all out and seek advice from your caterer or planner on what vendors you can afford and where it is safe to cut corners.

Here are some suggestions of ways friends CAN help during a wedding:

·         Use their expertise at the rehearsal party or after party

·         Help you make decorations for the reception

·         Setup items on day-of wedding

·         Make or order food trays for getting ready the day-of

·         Help load your car with gifts at the end of the night

·         And most importantly, enjoy the celebration with you as a GUEST!

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