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How much should I do for my own wedding?

Posted on 05/29/2014 in Weddings

The current buzz word in this industry is DIY! We have clients that want to do it all.  From table centerpieces, wooden signs, lighting, floral and all the way to purchasing their own china or plasticware. So how much should you do for your own wedding? Well that is a question of how much time and money you want to spend on these items; and do you really want 100 votive candles, 150 sets of china, 20 round soiled linens, 100 glasses, and numerous boxes of plasticware leftover at the end of the day? Or even worse, run out during cocktail hour! We want your day to be absolutely perfect so after witnessing a few embarrassing moments of our clients we wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts…

First of all, we adore DIY weddings! They have so many personal design aspects to them that you can always see the couple’s personalities shine through. Designing your own wedding or collaborating with a planner to create those special touches always turns out beautifully. Thanks to Pinterest, brides have many DIY options to choose from – almost too many! However, when it comes to the essential items, we suggest leaving that part to the professionals.

As Caterers that have been in this industry for over 10 years, we have found that clients that decide to purchase their own plasticware typically run-out of at least one item – maybe they forget to buy extra forks for cake or small plates for rolls/dessert, etc. We did a cost analysis for our clients and actually found that it only saves the average event approximately $20 for us to provide your plasticware verses you purchasing it, storing it, and delivering it. Couples that want to provide their own food and beverage can run into all sorts of day-of issues (this requires another blog post). We have even seen groomsmen hanging lights, moms assembling flowers, and uncles mixing cocktails the day of a reception! This is a time when everyone in the wedding and wedding party should be enjoying themselves and savoring every moment! Leave these essential details to the professionals! J

We suggest that you work closely with all of your vendors and find out what they can provide for you, and let them. As professionals in this industry, the vendors at your wedding work as a team to ensure that you have a seamless event. When it comes to detailed DIY weddings & events we encourage you to put your own personality into your event! We want your guests to remember all of your amazing DIY touches and not that you ran out of a certain item, dish or beverage. J

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