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To make any wedding in North Carolina complete, you will need an officiant. You will need to find an officiant that is experienced in weddings, has a proven track record and is someone you are comfortable with performing the ceremony. View our extensive list of local officiants to find the perfect one for your wedding.


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North Carolina Officiant FAQs

Who can officiate a wedding in North Carolina?

A wedding in North Carolina can be officiated by a magistrate or a minister who is ordained and authorized by a church or religious denomination.

Do you need an officiant to get married in North Carolina?

Yes. A marriage ceremony in North Carolina must be performed by a recognized officiant.

How do you become a wedding officiant in North Carolina?

There are five primary steps to become a wedding officiant: Get ordained by a religious denomination or church, complete officiant registration, prepare to perform the ceremony, officiate the wedding and record the wedding.

Can a family member officiate a wedding in North Carolina?

Yes, if they are legally ordained in the state of North Carolina.

Can online ordained officiants marry people in North Carolina?

No. Online ordained officiants are not legal or recognized in the state of North Carolina.

Does NC recognize online ordination?

Unfortunately, no. Online ordination is not considered legal in the state of North Carolina.