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Vegan or Vegetarian?

Posted on 05/25/2017 in Menus


We believe that vegan and vegetarian meals should be just as delicious as the main entrée!  Our owner and Chef, Andrew Bland, loves cooking a homemade curry. It is one of his personal favorite vegan meals and an item he loves to prepare. The mixture of fresh ingredients creates a flavorful aroma and a delicious meal, even for those meat lovers.

We have a Vegetarian Menu available on our website; you can view by following this link:  However, just like any of our menus, please do not feel obligated to order straight from the menu. If there is an entrée or side dish that you absolutely love but do not see on our menu, just ask! Chef Andrew makes new dishes all the time, and loves to do so!


Enjoy some photos of some of our favorite vegan and vegetarian dishes: 


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