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Wedding Show Tips

Posted on 12/22/2017 in Weddings

Tips for Preparing for a Wedding Show!

Oh December.. A time for holidays, shopping, eating, sipping hot cocoa, visiting family and friends, and spreading the news of engagements!

While you are telling all of your family and friends the happy news, wedding vendors are preparing for lots and lots of wedding shows! Our company alone is participating in FOUR shows in just the month of January!

To get ready to meet all of you, we are diligently assembling packets, designing booth spaces, and preparing food. Through our years of experience at wedding shows, we have compiled a list of ways that brides and grooms can prepare themselves for the show as well. Enjoy!


Printed Labels

Seriously, I want to hug every bride that does this! Wedding Shows are full of excited brides and vendors that are chatting away. All of this talking causes a lot of noise and repeated questions. By pre-making mailing sticker labels with your details on it, reduces the time at each booth and ensures no mistakes in filling out forms. This gives us more time to talk about the fun details of the reception!

Include the Following:

*Name & Fiancé Name

*Phone Number

*Email Address

*Wedding Date

*Wedding/Reception Location: (if not known, just city location is okay)

*Estimated Guest Count


Create a Wedding Email

An email specifically for wedding communication is perfect to keep everything organized!  You can create a free one on many sites, such as gmail.


Dress Cute… but comfortable!

We know, we know, lots of photo ops at these events! But just remember you will do A LOT of walking and standing. Comfortable shoes are key to keeping you going without hobbling around.


Register Online

This not only secures you a spot at the show but also saves money!


Bring a Planner

…and when we say Planner we mean your wedding planner and your calendar! This is the perfect opportunity to set up meetings with vendors!


Carry a Notebook.. and your Phone.

Take notes on vendors you liked and reasons why. Feel free to take pictures too! This will help you when you get home and are trying to remember everything! Be prepared to receive an abundance of information over a short period of time.


Bring Your A-Team

…and leave the rest at home. These shows are PACKED with brides, grooms, moms, bridesmaids, families, etc. It can get hectic. Bring your team that can get everything accomplished and have a great time while doing so. We love meeting the cute kiddos in strollers but be advised that aisles are TIGHT and getting through with a stroller is as easy as pushing it through DisneyWorld. ;)


Don’t Eat Lunch

Be ready to taste a variety of food, desserts and cakes!


Have Fun!

We love getting to meet all of you at the show! For many, this is the first step towards planning a magical day so make it fun! We can’t wait to meet you!!!

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